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1. NoTreeBooks.com is an independent e-publishing company. Our primary goals are:

    * Getting talented authors into e-print with fair publishing contracts and wide distribution;

    * Reducing our carbon footprint to keep our company as environmentally "green" as possible.

2. NoTreeBooks.com is a publisher of digitized vintage (pre-1923) and modern e-books by living authors.

3. NoTreeBooks.com edits and prepares the e-books in multiple electronic formats.

4. Publication decisions are based on quality of writing and potential marketability as e-books.

5. NoTreeBooks.com does not require nor request any payments from authors for publication. NoTreeBooks.com pays advances and/or royalties.

Acquisitions and Publication

NoTreeBooks.com is currently open to submissions for anthologies! See our submissions page at:


1. During open submissions periods, NoTreeBooks.com considers completed manuscripts only.

2. NoTreeBooks.com designs the covers and licenses artwork and photos from indie artists and photographers.

3. NoTreeBooks.com's editor will work with contracted authors on minor changes only. The author's unique voice and story intent is respected, encouraged, and enhanced during the editing process.

4. E-books will be released in various e-formats on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords.com, and other e-tailer sites.


1. As an e-publisher, NoTreeBooks.com primarily targets readers who own the Kindle Reader and readers who are familiar with reading e-books on their computers or other mobile devices.

2. NoTreeBooks.com provides free review e-copies to bona fide e-book reviewers.

3. Once reviews are received, press releases with blurbs will be broadcast.

Pricing and Format

1. NoTreeBooks.com believes in keeping prices very affordable to encourage volume sales. An e-book may be offered at several different prices at a variety of vendors, and there may be different prices for different e-formats.

2. NoTreeBooks.com does not accept e-book returns. As a a non-tangible product, e-books are not a physical product that can be returned and sold again.

Thank you for your interest in NoTreeBooks.com

Eve Paludan, Editor/Publisher